Bills Khakis


Bills Khaki’s is men’s clothing company based in Reading Pennsylvania. They have a rich and deep history in providing high-quality clothing, therefore undertaking a partnership with Bill’s we immersed ourselves in everything the brand stands for to ensure we delivered the very best solutions to help elevate their brand.

We managed the brand as an extension of their digital marketing team, working on the design and maintenance of their eCommerce store, email promotions, paid-advertising and building their social media presence.

Delighting their customers and driving sales was how we measured success.

What we've done

  1. Audience Insights
  2. e-Commerce Website Redesign & Management
  3. Social Media Strategy, Campaign Management, and Creative
  4. New Product Launches
  5. Paid Ad, Planning, Execution and Management

E-Commerce Redesign & Management
Paid Ad Creation and Management
Social Media Campaign Management