Why we use G-Suite


Why we use and recommend switching to G-Suite to our customers.

As the name suggests G-Suite is Googles complete suite of collaboration and business tools, which is bundled together into a neat and affordable package to become the tech hub for your business. As Google says, “G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes Gmail for professional email, Drive for online storage, Hangouts for video meetings, Calendar for scheduling and Docs for editing files. ”

If you have a personal gmail account, then you should already be familiar with some of the tools in the suite, Google Drive, Gmail, and Docs that we and many of our clients use to collaborate and communicate, so you may be wondering why how could this benefit my business? and why change from Microsoft?

Let me give you 5:

1. Google offers a Suite of apps that are smarted than ever.

G-Suite provides a complete platform agnostic tool-kit of integrated products that means you can spend less time managing the pain of software updates and purchases and more time managing your business.

You’ll find everything from Gmail to sheets, drive, docs, and even meet in G-Suite. Instead of wasting time looking for a particular file, for example, G-Suite’s storage will take cues from things you’ve been doing or working on, and offer up files it thinks you want using it’s highly advanced AI.

Ever tried scheduling meetings or changing info whilst on the way to a meeting with Outlook? Google’s calendar has been upgraded to allow users to quickly find available slots in multiple people’s schedules to suggest meeting times. If you sync Gmail and Calendar across your devices, you are able to send emails, edit documents, receive event reminders and update attendees on your way to meetings – all from your mobile device.

You can even connect your domain name to Gmail so that you can manage your business emails using the same email platform that serves over 1 billion users worldwide and is kept up to date with the latest spam filters.

These are just a handful of examples, but, G-Suite leverages Google’s powerful search and artificial intelligence capability to save a great deal of time during the day and substantially cut down on frustration, enabling you to run your business.

2. 24/7 access to your business

Google is synonymous with ‘Online’. At the heart of what G-Suite offers is a cloud based solution, so that you can access your business whenever you need to.

This also means you can access G-Suite from wherever you are or need to, like your phone. With the G-Suite apps installed on your device, you can access your mail, calendar, and contacts from anywhere, anytime. As well as make on the fly edits to that presentation or document.

What’s more, by leveraging Google Drive and storing your important docs and presentations on the cloud you can pull them up on your device whenever you need them.

No wifi? no problem. Google allows you to save items for working offline. Access and edit files from any device, even when you don’t have an Internet connection. It really is a business in your pocket.

G-Suite is ideal as a central point for managing just about everything, from business email accounts to apps, groups, and users, to managing your Admin portal.

It also makes document sharing with your team and clients easier. For example, if you want a client to complete a specific task on project worksheet or a teammate to provide feedback on a proposal, it only takes a few clicks, it enables you complete transparency with your customers.

3. Version Control

One of the biggest challenges when running a growing business is to keep track of which version of a document or presentation is the latest one. Google Suite has made version control virtually seamless by allowing everyone to work on the same document.

Watching multiple employees or managers all collaborate on the same document and make changes in real time, is a huge part of keeping version control issues to a minimum.

By utilizing Google for Business, you reduce the reliance on needing an IT person or company and can instead focus on growing your business.

4. Searching Google Drive

Since Google Drive is powered by Google the search functionality is unrivaled. Anyone who has had to search a company drive for a missing document or proposal knows the limitations of traditional server setups.

When using Google Drive as your file storage system, you get the ability to search text within pdfs or images, which can make finding missing items exponentially faster. This time savings only grows alongside your company. As you add more employees, having everyone able to easily find items throughout the file structure is huge.

No longer will employees have to spend forty minutes searching for a lost document. Now, they’ll likely find it in just a few minutes.

5. No Mail Servers or IT Person Needed

As a small business owner myself I have enough expenses to worry about. Using G Suite allows me to avoid needing a IT person or company to setup and manage my emails or file storage. Google makes it simple to setup emails branded with your domain. For as little as $6 per employee per month you’ll get access to a worry-free email setup and file storage system with the best search function available.

Anyone who has ever used a company setup D, E, F drive knows just how tedious searching for something can be. As I mentioned above Google takes search functionality to a new level.

My whole philosophy to business is keep it simple but professional. Use a branded email address and G Suite. For established business, instead of spending a couple hundred per month to have someone maintain your server and emails, make the switch to G Suite, make your life easier, and put the savings into running Google ads.