Creating Social Media images for your small business


If social media is part of your small business marketing strategy, then it’s important to maximize the effort you put into growing your brand. One of the most important steps you can take is to increase engagement with your social media profiles.

Increase Your Engagement

For example, one of the best ways to increase engagements on Twitter is through embedding an image, link, or video into your tweet. It takes 23 characters of the 140 to embed something but these can be the most important ones you use. The beauty of using a great image with your tweet is that you’re not constrained by the 140 character limit. You can add as much relevant information as necessary to your image.

Facebook is no different. Using high-quality images is key to getting your updates shared. In order to grow your brand on Instagram, being able to create high-quality images is essential. As a small business owner, it’s essential to have access to a supply of low cost high-quality images.

Cost-Effective Social Media Images

There is no comparison to having access to someone whether it’s yourself or an employee who is skilled with Photoshop. Even those knowledgeable with Photoshop may find it more efficient to use one of the options below as they are designed to allow for quick manipulation.

The majority of business owners will find that one of the options below should offer everything they need whether it’s free or low-cost. Using high-quality images with a text overlay is a great way to make a Tweet to stand out.

Adobe Post

Adobe Post 2.0 omepage

If you saw my review of Adobe Post in a earlier blog, you would know I think it’s an excellent tool for creating social media images. The biggest downside though is it’s only available for iOS.

If you are an iOS user, I definitely recommend adding the app. Though, I sometimes find it difficult to create an image on the small screen of my iPhone, having the ability to create striking images in a few minutes between tasks has allowed me to increase my productivity.

For creating intricate images, I find having access to a larger screen and a mouse indispensable but I’d rather be able to publish a blog post at an optimum time.


Canva Homepage

Canva is one of the best image editing options for small business owners. For the browser version, you can just create an account and start designing. While there are a number of free options, the premium images are available for $1 each. At $1 an image, you can make up multiple variations of an ad or image to see what converted the best.

To make getting started easy, they have a complete range of preset design sizes to cover just about anything you could need from print to digital. After a couple of times using it, you’ll notice your designs gradually become more professional looking.

Canva has an extensive number of design tutorials, which is a great way to start. I’ve made a number of marketing materials through Canva and though I wouldn’t put any of my images up alongside a professional graphic designer’s work, some of them have looked good enough to convert well. Below are a few social media or blog images that I created with Canva for different projects.

example of insurance agnecy social media image
real estate open house image example


homepage for PicMonkey

My personal experience with PicMonkey is extremely limited. I’ve spent less than 15 minutes total using the platform. Some people I know prefer using it to Canva. The pricing model is a little different as they offer a free service but to get the full range of options, they have a monthly subscription.

Get Stencil

stencil homepage

Get Stencil was formerly knows as Share As Image. It previously allowed for the simple creation of some engaging social media images but now offers a complete range of design options. They offer a monthly pricing model, like PicMonkey.


There are plenty of free or low cost tools available to help you increase engagement with your social media efforts. It is important to pick one and start using it.