5 Things Your Business Should Be Blogging About


One of the biggest complaints I hear from small business owners is, “What do we put on our blog? We know we need one. What do we do with it?” So I’ve got five quick things you can consistently use to generate good content for your small business blog.

One: Review Other Local Businesses.

Everybody out there is working just like you. You use local businesses for printing, direct mail, even to eat lunch…anything. If they provide a service you value, take a quick minute, write them up, put it out. You know, let more people know about it. They’ll appreciate the advertising, they’ll know that you did it. Heck, you might even earn a link back from their website.

Two: Industry News is Happening.

Whatever your industry, things are always changing and people wanna know about it. Take a few minutes, write up a paragraph or two about what’s happening on a major news article. From real estate to insurance, people want a better idea on what things are going on and how they can apply it to their lives. One of the best things you can do is setup a method for curating industry related news articles.

Three: Customer Testimonials are Excellent.

Put them on your blog. Everybody wants to know that people want to do business with you, that there’s a value to it.

Four: Cover Local Events.

Take a few minutes, write up some things that are happening in your town or area. Again, you can put it out across all your social networks. The organizers of the event will value it. Everybody in your local town will appreciate the fact that you’re helping advertise something local.

Five: Show How-to Do Something.

Explain something you know how to do in layman’s terms to everyone else. It’s a simple way to provide a little value on a complex subject. I hope you find it valuable and I hope you keep blogging.